2022-03-24 New Taipei City's first "MALL WALKING" program for the elderly Steps can be redeemed for shopping discounts4
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New Taipei City's first "MALL WALKING" program for the elderly Steps can be redeemed for shopping discounts

 Emergency News Center Tseng Chiachun/Reported in New Taipei City, Reposted on Apple Daily News


Facing the advent of an aging society, health management will be the focus of the public in the future. The Linkou District Smart Health Center, New Taipei City, connected with the Startup Terrace, has been developed as a smart health care platform. In cooperation with the neighboring Mitsui Outlets, today (24th), the country's first "Elderly LOHAS MALL WALKING" campaign was launched. Through the combination of the APP "動健康" and the empirical field, walking in the mall in the future can not only achieve the purpose of exercise, but also redeem specific shopping discounts by accumulating steps.


Mayor of New Taipei City Hou Yuyi said that the Linkou District Smart Health Center has built a basic "smart health care" infrastructure. Citizens' blood pressure, blood sugar, blood oxygen, height, weight, and body temperature, as well as health assessments, exercise prescriptions and other information measured at the center can be uploaded to the cloud, allowing doctors to check their physical conditions, while people can also manage health by their own.

At the same time, Linkou District Smart Health Center participated in the demonstration field and service of future urban big data application held by Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs at Startup Terrace, taking Linkou District Health Center as the "health demonstration field", combined with new industries, introduces services including "smart quarantine station", "smart mask monitoring", "smart robot", "watch service progress at any time", "smart vending machine", "smart health measuring station" and other services to develop a health center-based smart health care platform.


These smart health care big data can be further used as a data application demonstration through the "Linkou Data Platform – Data War Situation Room". On the one hand, new entrepreneurs are encouraged to introduce emerging technologies and equipment into Linkou and surrounding areas, so that the public can experience the improvement of public service quality. On the other hand, life and health relevant data in Linkou District are integrated, analyzed, and transformed into information that people can immediately inquire about and understand, and can be used as new decision-making reference data for government.


Chen Junchiu, Director of Department of Health, New Taipei City Government, said that in order to continue to promote the health of the elderly, the Linkou District Smart Health Center has built a "smart sports equipment and space" and a "multi-functional fitness room" to provide the elderly with a space for smart sports and activities; it further cooperated with Linkou Mitsui OUTLET in the MALL WALKING healthy exercise program, which encourages and attracts the elderly to combine their daily life with healthy walking in the shopping center, which is continues promoted through the APP "新北動健康".


New Taipei City Linkou District Health Center – (Smart Clinic Measurement Equipment) Photo shows the actual use.

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