2023-09-04 Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital and Far East Medical Electronics Technology Sign Agreement to Protect Overseas Health and Safety of Taiwan Citizens4
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Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital and Far East Medical Electronics Technology Sign Agreement to Protect Overseas Health and Safety of Taiwan Citizens


During travel, individuals may encounter unforeseen instances of sudden illness. If they happen to be in a foreign country, they may encounter challenges in accessing necessary medical care. In light of this situation, Far East Medical Electronics Technology has introduced a service called "Travel SIM Care." This service offers a travel telecommunication card that enables citizens to seek medical consultations with domestic hospitals through mobile phone video calls when they experience health issues while abroad. On September 4, 2023, Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital hosted an event titled "International Medical Cooperation Signing Ceremony" in collaboration with Far East Medical Electronics Technology. As a result of this partnership, Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital will serve as a cooperative medical institution, actively contributing to the provision of medical care for individuals traveling abroad.

Far East Medical Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the integration of current medical resources and facilitating communication between patients and medical institutions. The recently launched platform, "Travel SIM Care," seeks to facilitate individuals with medical requirements while abroad by providing them with instant access to medical institutions in China through an AI telemedicine and consultation platform. This enables them to promptly receive the necessary medical treatment. The objective of this contract is to enhance the network of partner hospitals, thereby providing the public with an increased range of medical treatment options. In his address, Dr. Chao, Yu-Cheng, Superintendent of Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital, expressed that Taiwan's medical services have gained global recognition. He further emphasized the hospital's eagerness to extend its medical services worldwide through this collaboration, with the aim of providing assistance to individuals in need across international borders. Vice Superintendent Yang, Shei-Dei further expressed that technological advancements play a crucial role in enhancing international healthcare services. He expressed confidence in the potential for future collaboration between the two parties on this platform.

Mr. Teng, Chun-Nan, the Chairman of Far Eastern Medical Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., has emphasized that prior to the outbreak, the average annual number of overseas trips taken by Taiwanese individuals amounted to 15 million. Among these travelers, a certain percentage had specific medical requirements. Hence, it is anticipated that the implementation of "Travel SIM Care" will offer the general public with essential medical coverage via a user-friendly telecommunications card for travelers. Additionally, the collaboration with Taipei's Tzu Chi Hospital aims to achieve the objective of delivering high-quality medical services on an optimal platform. We are eager to establish a collaborative partnership with Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital in order to achieve our shared goal of delivering exceptional healthcare services through an optimal platform. Mr. Twu, Shiing-Jer, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Legal Life Technology Development Center, highlighted the global reach of Tzu Chi's medical initiatives. He emphasized that the collaboration between our two companies aligns with the current demands of the healthcare landscape. In this era of thriving internet connectivity, we are pioneering a novel international healthcare model that aims to serve a larger population with healthcare requirements, to offer more accessible and prompt healthcare services to those in need.

Dr. Chiu, Hsiao-Chen from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, along with the Far East Medical Electronics Technology technology team, was invited to conduct a simulation demonstration to provide the audience with a more comprehensive understanding of the future cooperation model. The presentation focused on a pregnant woman who was 25 weeks along and experienced sudden abdominal pain while traveling abroad. With the support of the Travel SIM Care platform team, she accessed medical treatment at a hospital abroad and established a connection with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Taipei Mercy Hospital for remote medical consultation via video. Utilizing a three-party video medical service platform, Dr. Chiu, Hsiao-Chen was able to promptly assess the abdominal ultrasound results from the perspective of the overseas doctor using virtual reality technology, and provide appropriate medical guidance accordingly.

In order to provide immediate and effective international medical assistance, Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital and Far Eastern Medical Electronics Technology will collaborate in the field of zero distance medical treatment. This partnership aims to enhance the public's sense of security while traveling.


On September 4, Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital and Far Eastern Medical Electronics Technology (Far East Medical Electronics Technology) held a "Signing Ceremony for International Medical Cooperation".


Dr. Chao said he is looking forward to expanding the medical services of Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital to the world through this partnership.


Mr. Teng, Chun-Nan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, explained the vision of future cooperation.


Mr. Tu mentioned that this cooperation is in line with the needs of the times and expands the new international healthcare model.


Dr. Chiu, Hsiao-Chen of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the Far East Medical Electronics Technology team were invited to conduct a simulation demonstration.


In the future, Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital will join hands with Far Eastern Medical Technology to do its part in providing medical protection for nationals traveling overseas.

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