TeleCare Products for Senior Programs 2017-08-094
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Taiwan Hualien County Health Bureau provides informal caregivers in taking care of elderly citizens

▼ County government of Taiwan Hualien assists informal care-focused caregivers for elderly.


▲Section manager of Hualien county health bureau, FEMET chairman CN Teng with the authority, volunteer workers of telecare northern spot of Hualien county and handling agents of north public health center, Hualien.

▼ Hualien county health bureau and FEMET came together to build community health care center of measurement and improve geriatric health outcome.


Through professional measurement providers-FEMET and local volunteer workers, Hualien county health bureau, in taking care of rural elderly, has setup 428 domestic cases and 59 community health care stations to making use of medical cloud service for taking care of the elderly and also providing shared care system among family members, spouses, and individuals.

The cloud service has been established the residents’ database. When the public go to the measurement station to measure blood pressure, it will automatically upload data to the cloud system, thus avoiding manually recording. The public only has to sign the agreement for telehealth provided by Hualien county health bureau. Also, they can download Apps to check their own physiological analysis chart not only raw data. When the chart shows abnormal, they can immediately seek medical treatment to prevent disease from getting worse.

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