Events Highlights from WCIT 2017 Expo: Health Cloud Booth


WCIT 2017  Taipei Word Trade Center, Exhibition Hall 1,
Section C, Booth A622, Area-Health Cloud. Sep.10-13, 2017


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▲ WCIT 2017- Chunghwa Telecom A622 booth.

▲ WCIT 2017- Chunghwa Telecom health cloud service at CHT booth.

▲ CHT Chairman-Yu Cheng, 2nd from the left, visited the booth of Health Cloud with FEMET Chairman-Nemo Deng, 3rd from the left, to exhibit on the spot.

▲ CHT Chiarman-Yu Cheng visited the section of Health Cloud at CHT booth.

▲ Director Yuan, Kaohsiung Armed Forces General Hospital, 2nd from left, visited Health Cloud booth.

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