Health Cloud Plans3

Health Cloud Plans

Health Colud Service System | Chunghwa Telecom

-Plans on commitment 12-month contract for Taiwan local only
-Provide home transmission gateway, blod pressure monitor or blood glucose meter.
-Up to 5 family members sharing one telephone number
-Unlimited transmission fee monthly included
-Telecom Health Cloud membership fee included

Health Cloud Plan A

>>FEMET gateway + Blood pressure monitor + Health system

Health Cloud Plan B

>>FEMET gateway + Blood glucose/ketone meter + Health system
*Measuring ketones for ketogenic diet or any low-carb group depending on the model 

Health Cloud Plan C
>>FEMET gateway + Blood pressure monitor & Blood goucose/ketone meter 
+ Health system

1) Abnormal reminder on blood pressure and heartbeat
2) Doctor keep track of healthy changes
3) Set real person track of healthy changes
4) Set real person reminder for abnormal blood sugar
5) Regular caring follow-up phone call
6) Health data integration, analysis and suggestion


Service from Health Professionals


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