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FEMET Home Transmission Gateway

Patent & Physiological Transmission Gateway

Just One Simple click, and it will automatically upload blood pressure, blood glucose, heart rate to the management center.

Unlike traditional method of uploading information through internet on the increase numbers of rapid aging population and chronic disease, FEMET Gateway uses home phones to maintain communication with patients on their inspection reports. Despite the advancement of internet nowdays, many high age or home alone elders still don't use internet at all. This makes land line the best and least complicated way to maintain connection for those people.

The hoem version of FEMET gateway is mainly used for long distance health management, health care, diabets care, social community medical care and blood pressure care. FEMET gateway can link with blood pressure meter, blood gluocse meter, measurement transmit, automatic service notification, doeing notification, remote service setup, and automatic system report.

-Health care voice over interaction.
-Equipment includes blood pressure and blood sugar determination function.
-Collocate the blood glucose plus pressure monitoring device
-Alarm notice for medicine times
-Simple and easy input interface
-Without going through internet and computer. All it takes is a house phone number.
-8 slots for personal data storage and the feature of transferring.
-Equipment comes with individual check up and notice features.
-Customer service hot key
-Transfer charge rate remains the same as house phone
-Individuals can self install