Telecom tech and medical giants guard the public health via cloud based healthcare

Personal Health Record (PHR) has been gradually developed and popularized, Taiwan local healthcare trends transforming toward more desirable care patterns.

Chunghwa Telecom(CHT) collaborated with Tri-Service General Hospital(TSGH), FEMET long-distance care software and clinic health management system, RealSun IT, with the aim of strategic alliances to plan and promote "Chunghwa Telecom Health Cloud Services (PHR)”.

▼ Formal Launching Ceremony of Health Cloud 


▲ With long-distance health cloud service, TSGH delivers zero-distance healthcare.


▲ TSGH director-Dai, CHT Vice President Ivan CY Lin, TSGH President-Dr. SH Lin, and FEMET Chairman-Nemo CN Teng together launched Health Cloud services.

President of Tri-Service General Hospital, Dr Shihhua Lin said. “By using medical intelligent cloud could, it not only raise concern for middle-aged and elderly residents but also build Shared Care systems among the individuals, the spouses and family members which strengthen health guardianship of TSGH in our community and shorten the distance between the public and the hospitals.”

FEMET Chairman, Nemo CN Teng emphasized the need.
“By auto uploading data to cloud system, simplifying the recording process to develop self-care management easily, the public could measure blood pressure and blood sugar at home. By downloading the App, easily keep track of health status of your own health and any family member. When analysis shows abnormalities, the patient will seek medical treatment immediately to prevent serious disease.


Pay service fee easily and get free measuring devices

The public could easily purchase health care services through telecom business entities, the hospital and its branch. The plan designed for Taiwanese local users could easily pay the fee with telephone bill. After one year payment monthly or bimonthly, the customers own the measuring devices.

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