CHT intelligent home, medical treatment and AR tech trends to watch
WCIT 2017  Taipei Word Trade Center, Exhibition Hall 1, Section C, Booth A622, Section-Health Cloud. Sep.10-13, 2017

▲ CHT Chairman, Yu Cheng, first from the left, visited WCIT 2017 Expo at CHT booth, left to right, accompanied by Executive Yuan official-Wu Tsungtsong, CISA chairman-Yvonne Chiu, and MOEA minister-Shen Jongchin. (Image provided by CHT)

Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) was set up three exhibition sections, smart application, smart life and smart future. Except for networking and mobile service, still CHT has promoted IoT and long distance health care, and IDC cloud data center, in attempt to find more solutions by using web technology.


▲ Chunghwa Telecom working closely with the partner promote Health Cloud system, using FEMET hardware/software, together with Chunghwa Telecom server and modem. (Photos taken by ETnews journalist Cheng)


▲ Home users of Health Cloud system can install products at home such as blood pressure meter, blood glucose/ blood ketone meter, home gateway and CHT landline telephone. (Photos taken by ETnews journalist Cheng)

Special thanks to ETNews for reporting

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